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Category: Game Developer
Listing URL: http://www.10tacle-asia.com
Description: 10TACLE STUDIOS Asia is a video Games Publisher and Developer located in Singapore where it is at the heart of Asia. Operating as a gateway between Western and Eastern territories, a hub leveraging on strong online competencies has been forged to achieve bi-directional market access. Incorporated in May 2004, the Asian Headquarters of 10TACLE STUDIOS AG is focused to be the preferred partner for Boutique Publishing in the Asian territories. 10TACLE STUDIOS is a leading independent developer and producer for computer and video games with successful titles and numerous new developments. The group has built a strong position in the European and Asian market in the last two years. 10TACLE STUDIOS Pte Ltd has a strong management team with excellent industry experience. With the synergy of all these resources, there are immense growth and profit opportunities for the company. Being an international developer group with innovative business concepts and a strong network, 10TACLE STUDIOS has a clear concentration on core competences of financing and development of high quality games for distributions internationally or regionally. Besides, it has a close cooperation in marketing and international sales with leading publishers and its own business development with a constant search for lucrative game titles. About 10TACLE STUDIOS AG 10TACLE STUDIOS AG has become the leading German game-publisher. As a facilitator between investors, developers, and distributors in the games industry, the company fills an important gap in the current business field. Founded by CEO Michele Pes in August 2003, the company now employs over 180 associates in its locations in Darmstadt, Hanover, Bratislava, Belgium, London and Singapore. With its product portfolio 10tacle covers all three major pillars of interactive entertainment: online, offline, and wireless. 10TACLE STUDIOS Services Executive Production - Expertise to localize titles for Asian territories - Licensing of titles for distribution in Asia - Re-versioning & customizing of titles for online channels & business models - Training centre for online game development Studio Development - Studios catering for original title development - Full outsourcing capabilities - Proprietary multi-platform game development engine (PC, Online, Xbox, PS2, GameCube, NextGen "ready") Game Funding - Full financing, co-production & acquisition capabilities - Track record of producing titles for 2 previously managed game funds Game Operation & Managed Services - Hosting in regional internet data centres - Operation of online titles; data-mining, local payment solutions, DRM - Game master services - community & forum management, events, PR activities Asian Distribution Channels - Partnerships with regional online communities & publishers - Full marketing, event & public relations management 30 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089844 Tel + 65 6221 2478 Fax + 65 6221 0428 10Tacle Studios Asia is a Video Games Producer and Developer located in the heart of Asia. Operating as a gateway between Western and Eastern territories, 10Tacle Studios Asia is focused to be the preferred partner for game developers in the Asian region.
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