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Category: Game Publisher
Title: MagicOverLoad
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Description: MagicOverLoad brings the world of Magic right to your computer. Complete with a micro payment system to enhance and ease your online experience, MagicOverLoad is your portal for the best of the gaming, viewing and shopping worlds. Accessed from its website, consumers can subscribe to a combination of the latest online games as well as premium video-on-demand entertainment choices and services by using MOLePoints, a micro-payment system for virtual shopping. Currently, 16 of the best MMORPG games are available on MOL GamesZone, such as Laghaim, Helbreath and RYL; while titles like Fairyland and O2Jam cater for family players. In addition, MOL Video-on-demand (VOD) provides a suite of VOD entertainment, education and online theatre for viewing pleasure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Other e-services like VoIP, wifi, mobile content and more are also available on MagicOverLoad is proudly brought to you by M2B Game World, & powered by MOLAccessPortal Berhad. 112 Middle Road, #08-01, Midland House, Singapore 188970 Tel + 65 6332 9405 Fax + 65 6336 9281 is a community-powered web portal representing over 20 MMOG and other Online lifestyle services. Reaching out to over 15,000 Singapore gamers, is the Exclusive Online Reseller for successful games like Water Margin Online, KAL Online and Gameee. MOLePoints Stored Value prepaid cards are available in over 200 retail outlets islandwide as well as online payment via Internet Banking.
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