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ASophia Asia Systems Pte Ltd

Category: Customer Relationship Mgmt
Title: ASophia Asia Systems Pte Ltd
Listing URL: http://www.asophia.com
Description: ASophia is a provider of state-of-the-art software solutions for the manufacturing industry. Our core product is an MES solution that provides the link between corporate management systems (ERP, SCM, CRM etc.) and the manufacturing floor. It enables manufacturing operations to optimise and ultimately maximize Return on Investments (ROI). MES systems have provided tremendous benefits to users including a 45% reduction in manufacturing cycle-time, a 75% reduction in manual data collection processes, a 50% reduction in paperwork and on average, a Return on Investment (ROI) in 3-14 months (source: Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association, MESA). ASophia targets the automotive, textile, electronics & microelectronics, food and Pharmaceutical industries in Europe and the Asia Pacific. We have built up a team of strong R&D Engineers, Sales and marketing staff in Singapore to enhance and develop the product and to market the product in the Asia-Pacific region. We also maintain a strong team of sales, marketing, implementation and support staff in France to serve the European market. ASophia focuses on Research, Development, Enhancement and Innovations of our products and solutions. Funding has not only came from investors, but government bodies such as the French Agency for Research and innovation – ANVAR, and the Economic Development Board (EDB) of Singapore has provided funding for ASophia’ R&D efforts. ASophia Asia Systems Pte Ltd 28, Kaki Bukit Crescent, Kaki Bukit Techpark 1, Singapore 416259 Tel: 6842 9308 ; Fax: 6842 9606 Email: contact@asophia.com Website: www.asophia.com
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ASophia Asia Systems Pte Ltd