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Cavu Corp Pte Ltd

Category: Networking
Title: Cavu Corp Pte Ltd
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Description: Today’s companies are constantly challenged with aligning IT objectives with core business values such as profitability, customer satisfaction and revenue growth. Very often, you are faced with high costs of ownership due to high maintenance costs of aging computing systems. Due to the seasonality of your business, you may also face unpredictable computing demands which require you to buffer excess computing resources, which usually stay idle during lull periods. How can you effectively manage these challenges while staying focused on the business? Established in Singapore since 1999, Cavu Corp is a leading IBM Business Partner providing the full range of IBM from iSeries, pSeries, xSeries to Storage products. We are a team of zealous, creative and committed professionals, dedicated to helping you optimise your total cost of investment in your enterprise IT infrastructure. To support your key business needs, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions including systems and storage outsourcing, capacity on demand solution, high availability solution, cost effective third-party maintenance and application and platform integration. In collaboration with IBM, we deliver a unique Cavu Utility-based strategy that helps you match IT costs to actual usage. By paying only what you use, you not only lower your upfront investment but also overall ongoing costs. To ensure business continuity for your mission critical environment, Cavu Corp offers not just expert IT resource analysis, installation, start-up and ongoing support, but also high availability as well as backup and disaster recovery solutions. In addition to warm and cold disaster recovery sites for you, we also offer cost effective and efficient ways to guard your business against unplanned server downtime and power outages. With a dedicated sales and support team, we have extensive experience serving customers in industries including Banking and Finance, Manufacturing, Distribution, Healthcare, including Government institutions and agencies. Together with our application solution partners, Cavu Corp is your one-stop, total solution provider, committed to propelling your business to the next level -- with a Clear Altitude and a Vision that is truly Unlimited. Contact us today at: Cavu Corp Pte Ltd Email:
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Cavu Corp Pte Ltd