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DSC Systems Pte Ltd

Category: Bar Coding Solutions
Title: DSC Systems Pte Ltd
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Description: DSC offer TrekNet software components that can be adapted to individual user requirements and can be implemented in a variety of solutions. Our Barcode and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) readers, labels and tags can identify and track your assets throughout your supply chain. Our wireless products provide additional flexibility and functionality to your needs. When it comes to TOTAL tracking solutions, you can count on us. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) applications and solutions are fast gaining popularity in various industries around the world. Many companies are discovering the advantages of using RFID to lower operating cost and improve customer satisfaction. Compared to traditional paper labels and barcode technology, RFID tags have the ability to store data, which can be read rapidly without line of sight. Available in different materials and formats, they can withstand hostile industrial environments and are remarkably resistant to shock, extreme temperature and humidity. The traditional and humble barcode still have a place in todayís most demanding applications. If you require tracking of printed circuit boards that goes through temperatures of over 400 degrees Celsius, DSCís kapton polyimide labels provides the perfect solution. Barcodes are generally more robust and affordable compared to RFID. However, TrekNetís software solutions are compatible with most input technology available on the market. So you can start with barcodes and then move towards RFID in the future. Wireless Communication Technology such as Bluetooth, WAN, and WLAN allows us to transfer digital data over wide areas. DSC has managed to harness this technology and integrate it into our tracking solutions. DSC can provide you with solution that is suited for your industry. Please feel free to contact us for more information on TrekNet. DSC. Tracking your future. DSC Systems Pte Ltd. 2 International Business Park, #09-08, The Strategy, Singapore 609930 Ph : 6665 7500 ; Fax : 6665 7522 Email : Website :
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DSC Systems Pte Ltd