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Blue Gulf Technologies Pte Ltd

Category: Hardware Solutions
Title: Blue Gulf Technologies Pte Ltd
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Description: Blue Gulf Technologies Pte Ltd was registered since the 1st November 2000, by a team of IT professionals. We provide IT consulting services and solution to our clients. Being field professional ourselves, we are able to devise IT support plan that is workable, affordable and efficient in helping you manage your on going IT needs. Having equal exposure to this industry, we have gathered and identified clear and definite idea of what IT services and customer satisfaction are all about and how best to deliver them. Blue Gulf Technologies was built as a service integrator, based on our collective perspective on what IT servicing is all about, drawing on each other's expertise and experiences to push forward what we believe is a winning strategy. Blue Gulf Technologies Pte Ltd 180B Bencoolen Street, #04-04 The Bencoolen, Singapore 189648 Tel : (65) 6337 6889 Fax: (65) 6337 6269 Email : Website:
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Blue Gulf Technologies Pte Ltd