Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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About Us

The purpose of Singapore Outsource Directory is to provide user a centralize area to find IT related outsourcing providers and resources in Singapore.

Quality Listing

Each submitted website is thoroughly screened by human editors using stringent guidelines and the highest quality standards. Once a site is accepted for listing, we will continuously check them to ensure our quality standards are maintained.

Minimum requirements for submission:

  • The site must be IT related or providing outsourcing services
  • The site must be up and running 24/7
  • The site must be in English language or have english version available
  • The site must clearly define its purpose, products and/or services
  • The site must be compatible with multiple browsers

The following are examples of sites that will not be accepted for inclusion and may be permanently banned if submitted:

  • sites that are under construction or incomplete
  • sites with pop-ups
  • sites that change appearance of the visitors browser in any way
  • any site with an address that redirects to another address.

We may refuse to accept any website for inclusion at our sole discretion.