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Ncode Consultant Pte Ltd

Category: Web Hosting
Title: Ncode Consultant Pte Ltd
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Description: s the Online Strategist for our customers – MNCs, SMEs, and Government sectors, we listen to their business needs first. Upon comprehension of the needs, we will then assist them to envisage their requirements. Subsequently, appropriate E-Business, E-Branding and E-Solutions strategies will be conceived, recommended and finally executed to realize the online business objectives of the clients. For each strategy, when others ponder on “HOW”, Ncode focuses on “WHY” and “WHAT”. Eventually, it’s “why and what we do for them” that differentiates us from the pack and this is also how we add value to our customers. Armed with the above niche expertise, we will continue to evolve, experiment, and formulate better strategies, specially tailored made for our clients. Ncode Consultant Pte Ltd 37A, Lowland Road, Singapore 547440 Ph : 6282 6578 ; Fax : 6282 3944 Email : Website :
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Ncode Consultant Pte Ltd